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    Carmen B (Thursday, 02 August 2018 15:42)

    I met Matt while taking night courses in PCTI, we connected immediately and became good friends. I remember that night, the awful night I called and he didn't answer, he would always answer.... I tried again, and got the worst news of my life. That night I didn't sleep and without being able to move around I was stuck, in my bed crying in disbelief. I think about Matt often, and think where he would be now, but now he's our angel watching over us. I'm glad to hear this scholarship was set up as I know will be happy to help others.

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    Debrina (Thursday, 07 May 2015 15:37) best friend in the world...I've been longing to see your face house burned down in 2009 and I lost all of the pics of u. I miss u sooooo much. I have been searching the internet just to see a picture of u and here is where I found it. Nobody understood me like you did. It was so refreshing having a male friend that was a beautiful person inside and out and showed no hidden motives for anything else. No one understood why we were so close but u and I knew exactly what connected us....PAIN, TRAGEDIES, AND HAVIN SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTOOD THEM ALL AND KNEW EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY AND KNEW EXACTLY HOW TO LISTEN. I miss braiding your hair ALL THE TIME because you always messed it up...never took care of it lol...I miss yelling at you saying "OH MY GOD...U NEVER WRAP YOUR HAIR UP!" You would say "come on man PLEASE" with the little sad face lol and I would drop everything and do your hair all over again. You were so spoiled with that. I've cried many many years because you left me with this unforgettable memory the night you were taken away from us...u told me you just came from a boxing match. I was so proud that you were doing something recreational and staying busy in a positive way. I swear to the Heavens above...when you told me that you were going outside to see some friends/family, I said "be safe...I love you!" You smiled and said " you too big head" and I looked back at you walkin away and yelled "you better come see me afterwards." Remember what u said?? U said "ok ma I got u." Damn it hurts thinking bout that cause that was the last time I seen you alive. I can't wait till the day I can see my best friend again. I will never have another friend like you. My mom still talks bout you till this day and all that damn hair you had lol. My high school days were so gloomy after you left me. I know you are watching me and am proud of the women I've become. I love you Matt. You will forever be in my heart.

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    Mom (Friday, 07 June 2013 11:51)

    My darling time just flies, here it is 12 years since you are gone, 11 yrs since we started this venture. You would be so happy to know of all the young people that have come to us. Every chance we get, we jump at another opportunity to help a young person trying to achieve their life goals...<3 my love always <3

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    mattfieldsfund (Monday, 06 May 2013 07:44)



    My darling son,

    It's been eight years since all this craziness happened. At times I still cant believe you're not around. My mind plays crazy tricks on me and I think you're travelling somewhere, like you wanted. We celebrated Jos' Sweet 16 earlier this year, she looked beautiful. She sleeps with your pictures close to her always along with her Matt bear. This year at our dinner for you, we have our first college grad! You would like her, shes bright, pretty and fun to be around. I've met some pretty awesome young adults throughout all this. Somehow, I believe you smile down at all that's been done in your honor. I MISS YOU SON AND WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER . With God's grace, watch over us. I'll see you in my dreams.

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    mattfieldsfund (Monday, 06 May 2013 07:43)

    Samuel Rodriguez Jr. aka SAMITO

    wassup cuz....long time.i wish that we couldve been closer to each other wen u wer around. i miss u alot and the small times wen we did hang out and play manhunt or something.sometimes people dont kno wat they have until its all gone...well i just want u to kno that i always loved u and i make it a point to actually see my family and try and become closer to them. been hanging out with joselito alot for the past couple of years. its hard for him because i kno that he misses u alot.we talk about u all the time and everytime i look at his arm i think of u.last year was my first time at the beefsteak and i had a ball!! cant wait to do it again this thursday coming up!!gona be a good time.this time im bringing friends!!!i promise to never miss one year of it!!i hope ur in peace and harmony werever u are...and help a cousin out and look out for me and my stupid ways me to make better and right decisions throughout my life....ill also be seeing u on the flipside some day cuz!!miss u and love u alot!!!

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    mattfieldsfund (Monday, 06 May 2013 07:41)


    Just because.....
    My Darling Son: So here we are about to celebrate your 7th anniversary in heaven. Wow, so much time that has passed and yet it seems like yesterday that I no longer was able to see you, touch you, give you a hug or a kiss. How I miss you. Jocelen misses you too. I wish you were here to help her with the teenage stuff in high school. I know God has granted you wings to be her angel alongside Lolo. I'll see you in my dreams, babe. I LOVE YOU

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    mattfieldsfund (Monday, 06 May 2013 07:40)

    Tio Joey

    Message from your Uncle

    Whats up big dog !

    There are allot of things I never got to tell you. The next to last time we were together was not a good one. We let things get out of control and I blame myself for that. Being the adult I should have handle things different.

    I stayed away from you guys and my family for awhile. But that was the route I chose, being the stubborn person that I was.

    One day though, you and your cousin (Joselito) took a ride by my old gym. You guys called me outside. I was so surprised to see you both that I couldn't even look you guys in the face. I remember what you said "Whats up Unc ? Why dont you come by anymore ? " I didn't know what to say.

    I learned a valuable lesson that day. I learned you can be taught anything in life by anyone, even your 17 year old nephew. I learned not to be so mad at my family all the time. I learn that my family is all that I have and to love them no matter what ! I learned not to by so stubborn. I learned not to wait till tomorrow to tell someone how much they mean to you, cause tomorrow might not ever come.

    I wanted to try and be a better Uncle to you all. I know you had allot of things going on in your life at the time and I thought I could help. I started by trying to spend some more time with you. I spoke to your mother to see if you wanted to start working out with me. She said you would like that. We set it up for when you got back from visiting your brother and when I got back from my business trip. That day never came.

    I have struggled with allot of things in my life, but the biggest is that I never got to tell you to your face that I was SORRY! I'm sorry for our fight, I'm sorry for not being a better uncle to you when you were here...I'm just sorry!

    These lessons to me came at a great price. It took losing you and my father for me to realize to cherish everyday of my life with my family and friends.

    Now, as you and dad are our angels that watch over our family and friends. I ask that you help me, lead me in the right direction when I stray or forget what is right, like you did that day.

    Well, that's it for now. I be back to talk to you again.

    I'm sorry again ! Love, Your Uncle !

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    mattfieldsfund (Monday, 06 May 2013 07:39)



    whats up my brotha i miss u and love u so much u dont know...the things i would give to shake yur hand and give u a hug hurts so much that i cant even write this i guess because i miss u so much and have so many memories with u its hard...yur all i know...its like we have unfinished business because the last time i saw u...u didnt wanna talk and i was like r u alright and u just stayed quiet looking into space like u knew something was going 2 happen...and 2 days later we didnt speak and thats when it all happened...but i just wanna thank u for taking care of me and for always being there for me because u were the one i ran 2...there is no one like u and there will be no one like u and i dont think ill ever be the same because yur not here and im missing u...when u left me and evreyone i didnt wanna talk 2 anyone or even go outside it was very hard 2 deal with because everything i did was with u...we even had girl friends 2gether and we would double date to the used 2 call yur phone just 2 hear yur voice on the answering machine wishing u would be there 2 pick up so we can go do something but all i would do was cry and listen 2 yur message everytime i called...and now its been six years and we r able 2 deal with it smiling and enjoying all the memories we all had with u during the years of yur short life...and i hope 2 see u again on the the flipside so i will not say goodbye...ill see u later...MUAH...much love from yur brother Joselito...

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    mattfieldsfund (Monday, 06 May 2013 07:39)




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